The First Post

Ok, here goes.

Welcome. Just to fill you in in case you haven't read the About page, I'm a potter based in the Peak District who works with earthenware tiles and stoneware pots.

I'm going to use this blog space to jot down my ideas and thoughts about the career I've chosen to do, share some of the ideas and interesting things I've seen, and maybe vent some frustration when things aren't going so well.

For those of you who are interested, you'll get to follow a career as it develops and (hopefully) flourishes! I can't promise to blog every day as it can be rather busy running a business on your own, though I will try my best to keep it interesting!

The plan...

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be setting up the new webshop for my tile work and starting on a brand new batch of pots destined for the wood-firing kiln.

I cannot explain how exciting this will be as I've been very cautions of selling online but it's the modern world and if you don't keep up you will inevitably lose out. Setting up the webshop should be fairly easy, however if you're like me it could take a little longer as I have strong perfectionist tendencies!

As for the pottery wheel, I haven't been near it for quite a while now and I've been missing the rhythms of wedging and throwing (any potter will tell you this). I'm pretty sure the first few pots will be recycled, but it won't take long to get back into the rhythm and I'll soon be running out of shelf space. The tough part will be transporting them all down to Wales to fire in the wood kiln...

Wood-firing kiln

The shed that houses the wood-firing kiln in Wales.

I haven't fired the kiln for 5 years due to moving away and not having a workshop to make new pots, however I'm finally in the position to start making pots again. It will most probably be a huge headache for me to transport a load of pots to Wales from the Peak District, but I don't have the space for a similar kiln where I am now. I'm not a huge fan of kiln sharing either as I'm quite meticulous about how I fire my kiln, and I also know how my own kiln fires (that might be worth a blog post in the future?).

I know this first post is rather short, but I'm going to leave it here for now. I'm hoping that what I've written so far will entice you back for some more. It's a big journey into the unknown with a map that looks like it's been drawn with a crayon on the back of a beer mat, but that's what makes it rather exciting don't you think?

Answers on a back of a beer mat....